luly Toolbar

luly Toolbar

luly Toolbar is an amazing browser tool, easy to manipulate

Luly Toolbar is a simple toolbar which provides instant access to Facebook and Twitter log-in pages. Luly seemed to be a website in the past, but it is not available anymore, so if you click on the Luly button, it won't take you anywhere. However, you can still search for anything on the Web by typing keywords in the search field. By default, the toolbar only includes Twitter and Facebook buttons, but you can add a few more from the options menu like weather forecaster, online radio player, email notifier, and pop-up blocker. From this menu, you can also customize other settings of the toolbar.

As you can see, the bar certainly doesn't have much to offer and you could simply add these two pages to your Favorites or Bookmarks instead of installing useless bars. Besides, other toolbars already provide access to these two social sites, and even some others. In short, I wouldn't waste my time installing this useless toolbar when there are many others out there that offer much more content and are more useful.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Customizable


  • Doesn't support Google Chrome
  • Not so much to offer
  • Luly site is not working
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